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  • Dr. Milana PeBenito

    Dr. Milana PeBenito

    MD, UCSF
    BS, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology, UC Santa Cruz

    I am currently pursuing an MD at my dream school, UC San Francisco. Teaching is a passion of mine; it’s what drew me to medicine and what drives me to help others find success on their path towards medicine. In addition to working with individuals on their applications and interviewing skills, I have led panel discussions and seminars on successful application to medical school at my alma mater UC Santa Cruz and at Teach for America alumni conferences. I learned that I loved teaching in college, where I led workshops on sustainable transportation and biofuels. Prior to medical school I worked as a high school Biology and Physiology teacher. I continue to support high schoolers who are interested in medicine by acting as a mentor and organization administrator for a UCSF program called Medlink, which focuses on supporting teens who will be the first in their families to attend college. I have acted as course organizer and teaching assistant for several elective courses offered to medical students at UCSF including The Healer’s Art and Massage & Meditation. In my free time I love going hiking, backpacking, river floating, rock climbing, cycling, doing yoga, cooking, and eating.